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Bunny McBride is an award-winning author, journalist and exhibit curator, whose work has focused on indigenous peoples, Native American women’s history, nature conservation and international tourism. Published in dozens of national and international print media, she has reported on Chinese people in the aftermath of the communist Cultural Revolution, Tuareg camel nomads in the Sahara, Sami reindeer herders in arctic Scandinavia, Maasai cattle herders in East Africa and Mi’kmaq basketmakers in northern Maine, as well as endangered species – from gorillas in Rwanda to lemurs in Madagascar.


From 1996-2019 she was an adjunct lecturer of anthropology at Kansas State University. She has given scores of lectures at universities, colleges, historical societies and museums, including the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Since 1981, she has worked on a range of issues and projects with Wabanaki peoples in Maine – including the Aroostook Band of Micmacs’ successful federal recognition effort.

From 2003-2016 she served on the board of the Women’s World Summit Foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland, including three years as president of the organization. 

To see The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine profile on McBride and her work, click on the image below:

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For details on McBride’s books, articles, exhibitions & honors, click on images below:

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